Guns On Deck

Stallion Contract

This certifies ________________________herein referred to as the Mare Owner has engaged one breeding to _____________________for the _____breeding season at $______for the following mare:

Mare Name: ________________________ Breed ___________ Reg. No:_____________

Year Foaled:_______________

Sire:_______________________     Dam:__________________________


Dale or Juli Brown are the owners of the above named stallion, will herein be referred to as

Breeder. This service is engaged subject to the following:


  1. A ‘non-refundable’ booking fee of $___________is payable with this contract.

Balance due when mare leaves, this is part of the breeding fee, not an extra fee.


  1. A photocopy of the registration papers shall be provided to the Breeder with contract.


  1. The Breeding season in force for this contract shall be Feb. 1st and close July 31st

of the year on this contract.

# Guns On Deck is still an active show horse. We will do everything in our power to ensure that there is
semen available to breed your mare. We just want mare owners aware and contact us when delivering mares to breed or calling for shipped semen


  1. It is agreed that a live foal is guaranteed from this mating. Should the foal not stand and nurse, the mare owner will be entitled to return privileges the following season. If the mare dies or becomes unfit to breed, another mare may be substituted with the stallion owner’s consent. *If the mare does not become in foal after 2 yrs a booking fee of  $300.00 will be added. This covers our adding the mare to our breeding report and paying the incentive fund, and added tripp charges.

    Breeders Certificates are issued after notification that foal is born.


  1. Mare Owner is responsible for all veterinary work done.


  1. There is no Paint Color Guarantee.
  2. *A.I. only, no live cover


Mare Owner____________________





                                                                             Telephone _________________________


Dale & Juli Brown

28546320th Av
Colome SD 57528